204 Naigw’eriogi Riao


# 204 Naigw’eriogi Riao
1. Naigw’eriogi riao,Kondangeria nchiche,Nsibigwe n’amanyinga o’Tegete Kalwari.
Ngochand’ as’ore,Ngocha nde bono,Onsibi’ as’ amanyinga,’Tegete Kalwari.
2. Nonya nche nd’omworo,nomente chinguru,Nonsibi ‘obobe bwane pi,Goika mb’omochenu.
3. Yeso ondangeirie,mb’omoikeranu,Gosemeria n’omorembe,As’ense na Igoro.
4. Goker’amanyingaBuya bw’okoboria,Gokera Yes’Ekeegwa,Oboronge bwaito.

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