263 Fire of God, Thou Sacred Flame


# 263 Fire of God, Thou Sacred Flame
1. Fire of God, Thou sacred flame Spirit who in splendour came Let Thy heat my soul refine Till it glows with love divine.
2. Breath of God, that swept in power In the Pentecostal hour, Holy Breath, be Thou in me Source of vital energy.
3. Strength of God, Thy might within Conquers sorrow, pain, and sin: Fortify from evil’s art All the gateways of my heart.
4. Truth of God, Thy piercing rays Penetrate my secret ways. May the light that shames my sin Guide me holier paths to win.
5. Love of God, Thy grace profound Knoweth neither age nor bound: Come, my heart’s own guest to be, Dwell forevermore in me.


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