342 Is This Day Of New Beginnings


# 342 Is This Day Of New Beginnings
1. Is this a day of new beginnings, Time to remember and move on Time to believe what love is bringing, Laying to rest the pain that’s gone?
2. How can the seasons of a planet Mindlessly spinning round its sun With just a human name and number Say that some new thing has begun?
3. Yet thro’ the life and death of Jesus Love’s mighty Spirit, now as then, Can make for us a world of difference As faith and hope are born again.
4. Then let us, with the Spirits daring Step from the past and leave behind Its disappointment, guilt, and grieving, Seeking new paths, and sure to find.
5. Christ is alive, and goes before us To show and share what love can do. This is a day of new beginnings; Our God is making all things new.


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