614 Sound the Battle Cry


# 614 Sound the Battle Cry
1. Sound the battle cry, See! the foe is nigh; Raise the standard high For the Lord; Gird your armour on, Stand firm, every one, Rest your cause upon His holy word.
Refrain : Rouse, then, soldiers! rally round the banner! Ready, steady, pass the word along; Onward, forward, shout aloud hosanna! Christ. is Captain of the mighty throng.
2. Strong to meet the foe, Marching on we go, While our cause we know must prevail; Shield and banner bright, Gleaming in the light, Battling for the right, We ne’er can fail.
3. O Thou God of all, Hear us when we call, Help us, one and all, By Thy grace; When the battle’s done, And the victory won, May we wear the crown Before Thy face.


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